Previously Featured Artists

Matti Orloff

Renowned sculptor Matti Orloff observes life and incorporates the complexities he sees into his original and unique iron, steel and copper pieces. For him, this medium signifies strength. He creates the textured yet intricate forms by cutting, hammering and welding the metal together. He sees space and lines as essential elements of his sculptures, and combines them to convey his personal interpretations of music, human figures, Judaica and animals.
Matti Orloff lives and works in Israel,and has exhibited his work in Israel, the United States, Germany, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Previously Featured Artists

Lara Troisi
Paintings: Some Thoughts on Life

Since the age of three Lara has loved to draw, and later became interested in sculpture and printmaking. At Montclair State University her teacher, Julie Heffernan, showed her how to turn her images into color on a flat surface, and she fell in love with painting. She never looked back. Lara finds painting, especially with oils, the best way to tell her story. She views her paintings as a narrative of life, specifically, her life. Sometimes, when she is not sure what she’s feeling, after she paints for a few hours, she realizes more about what’s going on in her head. She uses multiple photographic images to help make things look realistic in her art. She combines different elements of each one to make her own narrative. She likes to refer to these paintings as “Mash-ups”.

Nina Lipkowitz

Using the touch screen of her iPad and her finger, Nina creates paintings in light by turning the iPad into an art tool with endless sheets of virtual paper which can be “painted" with infinite marks, brushes and colors, and which her husband, photographer John Lipkowitz, turns into beautiful archival, pigment prints. Nina has been a sculptor, a potter, a yoga teacher and a painter. Today, living in Great Barrington, MA she has found her painter's voice.

All in the family

All in the family is an exhibit of family paintings, drawings, watercolors, etchings and photographs which span 4 generations, and was born from the desire to share a very personal collection of work. It gives me tremendous pleasure to walk around the gallery with visitors and explain each piece, give some details about the artist who created it, and the meaning it has for me.

Jeff Gettis

Jeff Gettis’ work represents scenes from his imagination, incorporating dream imagery with traditional influences and contemporary digital photography techniques. His many years as a painter have greatly influenced his approach to photography. He creates each photograph with a painter’s eye, spending many hours on each image until his vision is achieved. His paintings, pastels and photography have been included in many gallery and museum shows. They hang in private collections throughout the United States.


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